Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joys of Growing up..

No, you are not at blame, blame it on those movies which are super
flawless from costumes to lifestyle to dialogues to romance to
love.. from the start till the end.. or authors who narrate each
and every sequence so perfectly like they were
Godsend..imagination sees no boundaries.. sky is the limit.. na..
galaxy is the limit.. this impacts big time on self, that quite
often you tend to reach that 'ecstatic' moment..reaching all the
way are so gliding in those thoughts.. in that world..then
suddenly you realize - it isn't REAL!!
What would you want to do?
Reach the edge and Jump off that (elated)cliff? Feel insure of who
you are what you are how you are? You wish to be someone else
though you are immensely obsessed with yourself?

(Flashback: As a little girl you always had a mind of your own,
built a beautiful Barbie world within and around.. with your girl pals,
sharing, giggling, laughing till the rooftop, happy with tiny
sighs, gestures, couldn't help getting that 'Butterfly' effect in
the stomach at the very sight of any Tom, Dick and Harry but with
little tint of cuteness who walked by.. dreams with more
dreams..girly know you were just too perfect.. were
too good and could get what so ever you wished for.. but you knew
you had to grow up..and you just couldn't wait to grow up)

Now, you know the REAL life is intense.. it is more complicated
unlike movies or books..Truth by its virtue comes up.. sooner or
later.. as cruel as it is.. it prevails over the rest.

Not that any of those dreams (from the 'Flashback') never came
true, probably everything.. (well, almost everything) did come
true, but issue was in holding it back.. holding it enough not to
let go.. because there was another LIFE calling you, life which
needed you to get growing..You reckon, this will always be there.
So you drift a little got 'BUSY'.. busy - hoarding knowledge,
pushing people, graduating, post graduating, making money, making
lot of money,making a family, settling down, relocating from one
corner of the world to far end, making investments for life and
after.. getting restless..

Yes restless.. you cant stop those emotions bursting out like a
chain of firecrackers, thoughts turning you upside down, you sit
and wonder what on earth has gone wrong.. you think, think till the
night falls, till the first rays of sun beams at you.. then
randomly with out asserting, you look back..

You see.. the days, months.. years which just passed you by..when you were maddened being 'BUSY' crazy to compete with the more crazier world..your drifting a 'Little' towards this materialistic sense has surpassed your tweeny weeny yet perfect 'FANTASY' world!! Phew!!
... these are what I believe are..joys of growing up!!!!


Arunima said...

that is why we always go back to flashbacks

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I think growing up is fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

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