Thursday, August 24, 2017


I am in a “mixed” reminiscence, I typed “sweet” without no quotes, but I am getting to it, so righteously replaced it. An array of colorful memoirs, sure white & black, shades of grey, along came magical, and some mystical colors too.

Exactly, 2 years ago, past twilight, it was a warm night of Aug 24th, I landed in the Sunshine city, flying over San Diego oceans.
Recently, I caught myself pondering over all events from teeny weeny frivolous ones to life-altering, momentous ones (ones, twos, threes..) And how even, if there was a hairline difference in any – may it be a specific timing, may it be a particular conversation, project, city, company, friend, yoga, how my path would have got digressed, I wouldn’t have reached where I am right now.
That being said, no matter which geographical location I would have been living, I am 100% sure to have been taught many splendid lessons for I am NOT the experienced, but indeed, the experiencer.

Looking outside the window, head pressed against the chair, tall trees on a bright day, eyes shift their gaze from monitors, to Krshna, to greenery outside, to blue skies beyond, sunshine piercing thru the branches, wind fluttering those leaves, there is a gentle sway in the present, then softly eyelids shut that hazy gaze. Now I see a kaleidoscope – see the sights, occasions, people, circumstances’, feel the feelings, heart is pounding, mind is racing –
Of all the gross and subtle feelings, gratitude fills me the most, am ever more so thankful the Universe, to humans, to love, to my Motherland, to this Foreign land, to sunshine in California, to my lovely freedom, to whiffs and sighs of spring-summer-fall-winter(s) 
It has been quite a ride!

Within days, will be crossing an epic 800d mark, on these soils, what is the unfamiliarity? I find a tender exotic thrill in the uncertainty, multitudinous thoughts in varied layers seeping inside the mind, did I believe my dreams changed?Little did I know, the dream is the same, only the path to tread is different, perhaps a more joyful one, for I choose happiness these days. An elderly women asked me- Now what are your plans?  3 months, a year, 3, 5, 8, 14… years from now, regardless of how and what I answered there, I know I will exactly be where I have to, doing what I am supposed to. It is said, without being tossed and turned around nobody comes closer to the truth, even the Elixer of life was produced by churning of the ocean of milk by Gods and Demons. When there is no resistance for this very moment, we take a step closer to ultimate state called – Satchidananda.

Sat- Highest truth
Chit – Pure Consciousness
Ananda – Ultimate blissful state

My learning-unlearning continues, so does letting go of the conditioned mind. I’ve recently witnessed skin-encapsulated ego take its ugliest form, making somebody with a beautiful soul look unbearably heinous,
And during adversity, quiver like a little rat lost in the darkness. Now I ask myself,

What is driving this ego?
What is being a Yogi mean?
What is the point of doing physical Yoga postures, like a machine for about 2 decades if you cant even stand being plainly truthful?
How did it take me all this time to love the truth, like I do now?
If everything is Maya (illusion) what and when will we find the reality?
What am I?
Who I am?
Now, What should “I” be proud of?  
Well, the Qs are endless, so are the possibilities, salty kisses and sandy toes, sunrise and sunsets, clear blue and June gloom, mysteries and miracles, they stretch from eternity to eternity and the T.I.M.E here is just a little pie. Effort is to make it pretty, tasty and purposeful :)

Q: It nearly never happens, and can happen in any split of a second, as the thought never seem to leave me (yet) – So, I ask - Where would you go if you know you only had 3 days to live, in this lifetime?

A: For me, if I have to leave tonight (abruptly or otherwise) or for what-so-ever reason, or for those last 3 days, I know the place, I know me, I know the way (rather say I know how to find a way :)).
I will book a one-way ticket, fly for a night and a day. Will be gone, without a whiff – no phone calls, no long good-bye emails (Ah, not spamming Broadcom inboxes this time), no messages/texts, no letters, no social media, no email accounts, I’d carry a BIG smile along with heart full of unconditional love and set-off…

I was asked-
What's the color of your eye?
What's the color of your skin?
What's the color of your hair?

I said, tell me-
What's the color of your soul?
What's the color of your feeling?
What's the color of your thought?

The dance of life, swayed in eternal spring, splashed with the colors inside-outside.
Ask not what's your color, but where's your color.

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