Monday, August 28, 2017

"stumbling upon" a conversation

a soul. “May I ask you one thing?” Curiosity in his eye. 

v. “Yes, of course.” came the reply. Biologically called response to the stimuli  

a soul. “What are you people made up of?” shoots the question

v. "Oh, that, you may be surprised, but it is still flesh and bone" answers entertainingly

a soul. “No, seriously, what are you people made up of?” in a real intense serious tone 

v. “What, I am sorry. Ummmm, I don’t seem to understand the context with which you are asking me something like that.
    I am just here for….” didn’t finish the sentence

a soul. “haha” display of his frolic mood

v. stares

a soul. “I have been traveling for 17 years now, and I first set out when I was about 17. Journeyed with little or no money many    a times. Started off with the famous Europe tour for obvious reasons at that age” laughs. Then a pause.

v. was getting a hang of it, all ears

a soul. “ Then, Australia, returned back home for a few months. Chronologically, next was South America, Expedition to Antartica, Asia. In Asia - Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Japan, well I can keep naming them, but I am sure you know them better than I do. In-between, there was this time, when I liked to stay longer in a certain country, but my Visa wouldn’t let me do so. The easiest way to do it was to travel to another country and return to where I was. I will spare you the details, so this special “help” came form a country called INDIA.”

v. eyes sparkle now.

a soul.  “ I stepped into the country, and all my desires to travel elsewhere ceased to exist. Sure, for a few weeks, initial months, I was just a long headed foreigner getting all attention, with all eyes on me, I did and felt exactly how any white skinned will. Then slowly, an unknown delight started to sprout, from one state to another I wandered, from home to home, language, cuisine, terrain, culture, attire, flora-fauna all so diverse, it awestruck me. Before I know I was in my most exalted state, at the heights of my thirst to learn, know more, listen to as many people, versions of never-exhausting stories, myths, ancient science, the ruins, histories, scriptures, if this is not enlightening, I don’t know what is”

v. “Ah! Thats incredible. Makes me so happy, really happy to hear that” in awe of all that ears had listened to

a soul. "What is that land made up of? I kept going back, again and again and again, I just can’t get enough of it. Mind you, I was remotely or near to 'not' spiritual when I first landed there. Now I am yet to gauge how far or how behind I am for being tagged."

v. “haha” then a silent thought inside the head “ wow, my tribe, no label person”

a soul. “Women drapped colorfully from top to bottom, skin with a fine brown glow, hair black, the way it supposed to be. How did you guys get it all so perfect? Your ancestors have cracked the codes, which modern technology with take another few centuries to prove it. Beauty is in the simplicity and honesty of the people of the remotest villages living out of minimum wages alongside the dark mountains., yet so joyful. I can’t begin to speak of the hospitality and love I have received from 100s of families, in the form of their words, food and respect they offered. So I ask, What are you guys made up of?”

v. Blush. Blush. Blush. Shy. Smile. (“It is scarcely possible for an Indian to pale” ~ quote from Autobiography of a Yogi

a soul. “ I repeat, I keep going back, as I am not allowed to stay permanently, at least not legally yet in your country. There are many ways to get this done, and the best possible one happens to be my favorite one- is to marry a beautiful Indian Girl”

v. “hahahahahhahahhaha hahhahahahahhaha” laughs uncontrollably
    “Sure, I want to wish you all the best”

a soul. “Thanks, so, when are you returning to your country? Would it be anytime sooner, perhaps in a few years? Here you go, this is my contact, just email me anytime you go back. You don’t need to think about it now, of whats and wheres, just save the card, keep a photo of this somewhere. That is all for now.”

v. “Well, I am …..” still filling in the blanks.

a soul. brushes through softly, walks forward. "Thanks for being here, I am A.... Pleasure to meet you here, will see you soon"
Then turns back, and winks… ;) with a smirk.

v. non-approving looks coupled with a hint of that gentle blush. No more words, looks at the person.. as he disappears into thin air.

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