Thursday, August 3, 2017

Desire and Destiny

“Bring in your deepest desire in front of you, stare at it, stare right into it. 
Breath in, hold, hold, hold, and out Aaah. 
Desire -> Intention -> Will -> Destiny.

How would you direct your intentions, your will, towards your desire if you are not what you are defined to be.
Forget that you are a daughter, a son, a sister, a brother, a mother, a father.
Become it, become your desire.
You are your desire.
Following your truest, noblest desires leads you to your destiny”

My eye gaze at, into my deepest desire, without no eyes opened, in Samashiti. I shift my gaze to the world outside. We flow, a mind-blowing flow for 60m. So gentle, as though we were gliding in honey, the nectar, with minimum thoughts, if any all towards the Destiny, the Dharma as we call it. Monika, came down to take a special LOVE Class in South Bay, it was concluded by an authentic Namaste. She asks, “ Did anybody notice these words? From where I got inspired? These words are from?”, I gently raise my hand and nod yes, she smiles. 21 Day meditation Challenge, written in the most ancient scriptures ever known to the mankind – Upanishads, She talks her talk. Then encourages to go give a biggest hug to someone around or elsewhere and reminds us - “Know that you have come home to your desire!”

She gets up, walks, sees me in front, right in front of her, am gleaming, probably shining out of every single pore of my organic brown skin, Hugs me like I know a hug to be like. I hold her back, so tight. Aw! Days and nights, morning and evenings, and here, life reaches its perennial zenith – all it takes is one wink from the "NOW". Here I quote “ The flux of Human ♥ heart ♥ is gone forever in transfixing touch of Pure Love ” ~ Autobiography of a Yogi.

Gaze into the eternity - Hetch Hetchy Valley in Yosemite National Park

I am a lover, and a firm believer in Gurus. 
Copied this from www-
‘Gu (गु) refers to darkness assuming the form of ignorance and 
ru (रु) to the radiance in the form of spiritual knowledge, which dispels this darkness
Thus the Guru is the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance. 
Oprah and Deepak, with their soul-loving meditations, have become one of my most adorable ones. Somebody once introduced me to these 21-day Meditation Challenge,
And ever since I glow with that radiance. Not sure how the Universe knows, and I have always got profound help and transformation when I needed the most. A few times, through their themes/challenges (however they term it as)

-       Become what you believe
-       Getting unstuck: Creating a limitless life
-       Creating peace from inside out: The power of connection
-       Hope in uncertain times
-       Desire and Destiny

I have had many and this journey continues too. I am in love with my kismet and my karma, they say follow your heart, the passion and it will lead you to where you always belonged.
One of the books from Deepak - Synchrodestiny talks about how the Gods and Goddesses are in an embryo form, waiting for us to awaken them. I am so in-tune with this notion, even when I was a little girl. Now, I am diving more into Vedanta, these days, I am athrilled in learning how effortlessly Advaita appraises non-dualistic nature, Universal consciousness is no different from self-consciousness. Not one is limited, but are infinite stretching to eternity on both sides. In simple words, what is inside is exactly what you see outside. Mantra is  “Aham Brahmasmi” - I am the creator of my own destiny. So why restrict ourselves to be finite? Sure, the body is, the mind is, in a relative time-space-matter dimension  but the spirit is absolute, why not realize that? In the miracle of life - Heartbeat is the first thing which is formed in a mother’s womb, everything else develops around that very heart, all parts including the brain, to make a tiny human -Isn’t it the God's way of telling us to follow the heart? Why do we have to turn it around as we grow up?
Oh well, we have intellect and in it being exercised is the basis of today’s society.
Oh well, mind has its reasons.
Oh well, we have our excuses.

I am reading, Earnest Becker’s Denial of Death, he writes the below on why romantic relationships fail- 
“ How can a human being be a god-like "everything" to another? No human relationship can bear the burden of godhood, and the attempt has to take its toll in some way on both parties.
The reasons are not far to seek. The thing that makes God the perfect spiritual object is precisely that he is abstract—as Hegel saw”

Here I think to myself, if every human being knows and realizes that they are already infinite and whole, then where is the question of one being a burden to another? You do you, I do me, in that state when 2 come together, it cannot be any lesser than sheer magic. 

I am my desire.
I believe in magic.

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