Friday, July 7, 2017

The Journey

Traveling sure is some kind of a ‘gasm. I know I cannot quench the thirst, I haven’t seen enough, but no amount of travel will ever suffice for me. I am no nomadic, yet to take on at least a million voyages both outside and inside of me. I am on with it. So on. 

(Now, not so) Recently, I took 29 days off from work to realize one of my most excited dreams, I ever dreamt. Sure, kept calling it #indiatrip, only half way through it, I began to realize, nope, I wasn’t on no freaking trip, it was a JOURNEY. A true journey into the holy mountains, rivers, temples, places, holy inward journey, into my own soul. The empiricism was so esoteric, that there goes no day, no night where I don't reflect upon these. I keep coming back to this sometimes very consciously, most of the times otherwise. Dwelling into the reminiscence of this extraordinary fantasy, which I materialized, I am ever more so humbled, and ever more so grateful for all the know-hows, wisdom I gathered and many a lessons, that I learnt.

Life in itself is an amazing expedition. You begin living your life with tremendous amount of awareness as a new born, then pave way for a few 1000s of diversions which are out rightly “necessary” for we have time, cultures, norms, schools, families, traditions and are vigilantly trained to follow the same. Growing up with a set of beliefs that you were taught, then you incur new knowledge, by way of books/media/people/experiences so on and so forth. It is an ongoing process, mind conceives of everything it perceives, for as long is it is alive. so, does this mind ever stop growing, while it is still breathing? Perhaps, Yes, it is called close mindedness. Oh yeah, there is another extreme sure-shot science-proven way called being “brain-dead”, but I am not talking about brain “physically” being dead, instead so closed off that nothing new can enter it, it doesn’t allow anything to enter anymore. 

I met with some people who were blending in, oh-so-perfectly, some oh-so-weirdly taking one moment, one day at a time. Open to new possibilities, new practices, new delicacies, new art, a new and more importantly, a whole different civilization. Every individual in quest for something, perhaps spiritual, perhaps adventurous journey, perhaps knowledge, or just a vacation. A big hug and tremendous respect goes out to all of them. And again, there were a few others who couldn’t do it anymore, who couldn’t take it anymore. Everything was too much, every day was more grievance. They did sign up for this, for whatever reasons, but as I watched them I know, INDIA, my motherland is so mysterious, nobody knows how they’d feel, what they’d identify themselves amidst never-ending chaos. Stories heard, books read, information over the world wide net, all aside, it is a totally unique feeling, when one actually steps the foot in this mystical land. It is as exclusive as the individual itself. Lessons learnt are instilled in my being, as I navigated through the lands, and as I continue to live in these lands..

Inspired by American life, here is my attempt to list a few

#1. A person, no matter how good he is, he can ONLY meet you as far as he has met himself, consciously. It is a delicate thought, yet relieving. So relieving.

#2. Devotion – When I watched “Women of Bhakti” on, I was moved so deeply, shared with people I loved. Everything was so beautifully pictured and said, I resonated with my whole being.
I remember something in these lines said - “There is one kind of devotion, that can only be with THE GOD, sure there are many relationships where we are devoted, but there is 1 kind that is incomparable”
Well, this was one striking disagreement that I had before my Journey. I knew in my heart the devotion I felt which was no-less than what I feel for the Krshna, well,  realized #1 and now I couldn’t agree more with a woman who said it.
One can love the free-spirit absolutely, but people do have their pre-conditioned mindsets, couple with 7-buckets full of ego. Time to time, these minds are un-open and even gets closed off.

#3. Busted the biggest blunder. Thinking that falling out of love could be a potential solution for any problem is utterly Stupid. Stupidity to the nth degree.

Falling out of love with one doesn’t automatically make you fall back in love with another, as there is no logic like (a - b)2 = a2 + b2 - 2ab or anything pre-defined/proved/put it in the spreadsheet or patented.

Indeed, If you have ever fell out of love, it means you were never really in love, for you didn’t let it touch your soul.

You try all you want, all the ways you can, but never really un-love, when you are in love with that soul! I did a course in healing in picturesque God’s own Country, out of many elements learnt, only part in my knowledge, I practice every day is this -

I am not my body
I am not even my mind
I am my soul

Aren’t YOU?
I am unconditionally in love with that Soul.
I am completely devoted to that very Soul.

#4. Never wash your cloths with a bathing soap. Try it to know, if you need a funky smell on all your “washed” cloths

No matter how fragrant, lovely or herbal it may be, it isn’t for the fabric. Detergent is :)

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