Friday, July 7, 2017

The Journey... continues

<<< Nothing stops. heartbeats.. sunshine.. azure blue skies.. so does the journey.. continues...>>>

#5. Everything in this materialistic world changes –, to experience this is to become synonymous with it, with no (or least) resistance. Paradoxically, change is the only thing that is constant in the world.
If people don’t adapt, they cease to exist. Ultimately, the choice is always yours, you want to keep striving or thrive in the joy of limitlessness. An open heart brings to you innate bliss even in completely un-expected situations –
I found something in amazement during a bike ride to the ATM with a Yogi Swami, after a blissful Yoga as the sun rise over Holy Ganga. We rode through the dark, tiny gallis of Kashi, at the day break, I found out that people living in the most chaotic city I’ve seen are also the happiest. As he told me the stories, I basked in wonderment, smiled so big in the marvels of life's teachings.

#6.Once while conversing with somebody, topic of regret popped and when questioned, I did confide that I regretted a few blunders, if given a chance, sure I will opt differently.
With all the fire that is burning to cause this transformation in day-to-day life, I will NOT do the same mistakes, for there any lot many varieties to try. It is absolutely great that some don’t have any.
Adding on to me “regret-list” , here is the ONLY predicament I regret from this righteous journey - Never to come back with empty bags, from my country to a foreign land, more-so when you are making a living across the oceans.
Ah, worst feeling. Not doing it again. Ever.

#7. If you want to feel home, no matter amidst which aestheticism you are in, then probably you should never get out of those 4 walls of your own home’s sophistication. You may choose to never leave the street, or the people you live with, because while you go across the continents, be the seer of the vibrant colors, in awe with the culture, and perhaps culture shocks. Just witness it all, there is nothing to lose in that. No hard-work required for that. It is OKAY to fall sick and get over it, it is OKAY to get out of the familiarity once – try, I promise, you won’t die :)

#8. The color of your skin, bank balance, currency you earn in, property you own elsewhere, car you drive, the family name you hold, or getting attention of commuters with a few selfies –
NOTHING, really, none of the above or any of the above said or unsaid, is your ticket to turn into a complete ***hole or even a squeaky *****
Please try to respect the rituals, locals, for you are a tourist for a day/week/month. It is no rocket science, but common sense.

#9. “A fish out of water” - No better expression than this for people who just cannot be “connected”. Ha! I must say, disconnected from the technological paramount - Wi-Fi. What is this urge to be so intertwined with high tech world? I call it “Electronika” it is supposed to enhance human interaction, now the question arises - Who is the Master, who is slave? I am NOT against it, for I earn my bread through the same technical rage, I absolutely agree, it is necessary to plan, to keep in touch and internet is the way, well not the ONLY way, but the best way, apart from that can’t we just be connected to physical environment around, which is so visible to the naked eye? There is no need to greet people with “what is the Wi-Fi password” at every restaurant, every place you check-in :)

You are as connected as you think you are;
and as disconnected as you think you are. 
Both are right.
#10. All my life, my parents and siblings have complained about me being so detached from the family – But as a great person told me, “A person will only change when he/she wants to change” I am so glad I did, and while in south, journeyed farther to see my Grandpa, not because I had to, but I soooo wanted to. He and I had a stirring conversation, whole village was present in that, laughing, giggling, even blushing. Me in my madness and he in his late 90’s, just a year shy of 100 :) This is the best encounters I’ve had for as long as my memory runs- visiting my dad’s native village, all the paternal cousins, Aunts, Uncles. Spent the whole morning, and noon, feeling so high and that profound sense of belonging. Somebody’s words kept resonating as I returned in the cab, with another wonderful cab-driver. Words.. “Vasu, You Belong.. You so belong, Vasu…”

#11. When traveling in a group/companion, please communicate. There is a very good reason why we all are blessed with voice. Talk, speak the words and mean it which you speak it. I call it “raw”. Be raw, nothing beats the truth and the directness, it saves a lot of unwanted torture, for the other to decode every single polished opinion.

#12. Open heart and an open mind – So much said and written on this.

#13. Be Present. Please.
After-all, weren't we supposed to go back to your everydayness, to be jaded in the mediocrity!?
So let's love, live, laugh as much as we can while we can.


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