Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How bad do you want it?

How bad do I want it?
Every thought that shoots out of my beautiful mind
Every star that I wish upon, in the night-sky
Every together heart-beat, that beats amidst my chest's bind
Each ambrosial whiff of jasmine, that drives me wild-high
Each moment I breath-in in that sacred space after myur mat's unwind
Each time as I sit to meditate, all that I see with the gaze of my closed-eye

How bad do I want it?
How can I want something, which was always mine?
How can I yearn for something, which is in me all throughout?
How can I lose something, which never left my shine?
How can I eclipse something for this world is no hideout?

How bad do I want it?
For I've uttered all my words
For I've done all my deeds
For I've whispered all my secrets
For I've unveiled all my feelings
For I've delivered all my messages
For I've carved all my letters

How bad do I want it?
All day, all night there is music, a love song
All seasons, have a hidden spring, an eternal sway
All the pushing away, pulls you in, so long
All this and if it withers, we wither away


How bad do you want it? Asked somebody

How bad do YOU want it? I don't need to ask. I just know.
How bad do I want it? I asked myself...

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