Sunday, May 28, 2017


We participate in the dance of creation. The magic of life, unfolds in front of your eyes, as you keep taking those inspired actions - which in turn define the whole of our lives. I’ve always believed-

Choices we make
Decisions we take
Rules we break
Things we forsake

This pretty much summons the whole lifetime. You set our goals accordingly, arrange the priorities, sort, shift, re-arrange, it is a continuous process - this participation to move towards the Goal. Doesn’t matter if somebody else decides for you - which college to go, when to settle down, whom to marry, which city to live in.. etc. but ultimately choice comes to you whether or not to go with it. You follow the protocol or break a rule or forsake a thing to define that exact path. 

Participate to - fit in, to earn, to live, to survive, to protest, to choose a leader, to rise against inequality, with family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, society, culture, country, within/ beyond limits or boundaries. Every single day and night, it is necessary. On this path, while taking the voyage, what if you encounter something totally unexpected? How many people can embrace the unknown? That complete uncertainity, can you even acknowledge that “undisclosed” could be GOOD? There is a general belief where anything unknown is unpleasant, and is usually frowned upon. People freak. So, you discard in the very beginning, resist the whole newness, follow the customs. But it keeps coming back, as though there is an unknown power behind that, so what if for once you change it around, embody the mystery, believe that there is a higher force guiding you into it, and go with that flow. You participate, with no set guidelines, no mandates, no book rules, all you want to to experience life as it unfolds, as you follow your heart. 

You learn things which you never thought it would exist outside of your imagination, basking in the freshness of metanoia.
Participation sees no bounds, nothing you do feels “enough” as you want to do just as much more and more and more.
While all this is true, when do people really STOP participating? Do they do it consciously or sub-consciously?

Perhaps, they take “it” for granted?
Perhaps, they just are no more interested?
Perhaps, they get digressed?
Perhaps, they stop trusting it”?
Perhaps, they got lazy sitting in the “backseat”?
Perhaps, they are so confused in their own heads?
Perhaps, they underestimate the power of participation?
Perhaps, they don't have the courage anymore?
Perhaps, they are “done” with it?

Or perhaps, you participate so much, so that, you know If you do anymore than you already have, it will be so against all the beliefs, against your own morals. Not being stubborn or egoistic, not that you started expecting anything, but you realize, you have done everything in your power and a little more (by virtue of your born habits) - You think is it time for somebody else to start participating? huh! Nope, but you can never really STOP. You tried to stop, but Universe doesn’t let you. So you pause. Just PAUSE, hold it there. Right there.

The choice is always YOURS - You want to or You don’t want to participate.
                                                                                                               ~ ykw

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