Wednesday, May 17, 2017


You let go, let go and let go, because that is the only way, You have been learning, all your life. The whole world teaches you otherwise, but you learn to let go.
Anyways, what is there to hold on to, nothing is everlasting – Isn’t it?
Not even love? Not any ordinary love, that LOVE where you connect with the other soul, when you fall in love not with the mere person, but the light which shone through the heart center.

Fine, you let-go.. now, this suffering.. Why do we suffer, Oh My God, so much?

-You weep, all day, all night, these tears, they come from some unknown place, you wish they dry up one day.. you wait, for them to be done.. but…
-You try to fall asleep, get a few hours of shut-eye, regardless of you wanting it or not, sun is so consistent (unlike people) so the day breaks, sun shines, a new dawn begins, you have places to be, things to do
-You dream, the haunting nightmares of what-happened/what-should-haves/what-could-haves, they wouldn’t spare you even while asleep
-Wake up with the thoughts completely engulfed even before you open your eyes.. making the suffering afresh, all over pouring in and out of you.. again.. and again.. and again…
-Work, studies, tasks absolutely mechanical, just go through with it
-Chores, what chores? The very inexhaustible energy that you’ve always had and been proud of, has dissipated to zeroness
-Emotions. You are completely drained of feelings, don’t feel anything but this constant pain, hurt, agony, abyssal darkness
-Music, which could light up the mood, anytime, now brings you more tears
-All your favorite activities becomes your greatest everyday challenges
-That real smile, which never flew out of your face, now disappeared forever

How can you be done, when it is so undone? 
How come you suffer for all you did was to follow your heart?
How did you create this whole situation to be stuck and marooned in this way?
How and when did you give LOVE, this power, to wreck you?
Who gave the permission for somebody to cause this anguish?

“We love so deeply
We hug so tightly
We long so desperately”

~from one of Jason Silva’s shots of awe

Let-go… Let go how? Let go of what?

-That Ambrosial Whiff of Jasmine as you walk along
-That familiar fragrance, the same one, which you had set an intention to “stop and smell the roses”
-That sacred space - Every-single time you step onto those four corners of the …
-That elixir of life as life as you sip on …
-That gaze on shining first star, moon dancing to the tunes of the night sky, which is ever enduring regardless of the skies
-That music, that meditation, stories, walks, reads, writes, talks, scenarios, shares, realizations.

The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. Let go & it will be yours forever ”.
~ Gautam Buddha

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