Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Magic of Dreams.. and beyond

Make a wish.
Break a rule.
Take a chance.

My ♥ Kurt Cobain - w. the "Sense of  non-belonging"
Dreams, oh dreams!! what is life without these dreams? Some sub-conscious, rest conscious ones. Both are incredible, to experience a dream is to taste a piece of heaven.
Each one of us has dreamt/dream/will dream on, I am sorry for those who are so lost in the realm of everyday “routine” that they forget to have any awareness to it. Nevertheless, it always exists, even there are some researchers who have proved that pets, indeed all mammals who have a brain activity close to Humans, dream their dreams.
Now I think, how about plants? Those macro/micro-organisms? Singled celled Amoeba?  I haven’t Googled, but I would continue to think, what I think :)

Oxford dictionary defines the noun as “A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.” And as a verb “Contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case.
That summons, that all Goals, ambitions, targets, destinations, intentions are all dreams. Each one of us had these right from the childhood, and of course I had in abundance.
I dreamt of becoming an archaeologist (-inspired by “relic hunter”), an air-hostess (-to fly and go places, all around the globe), a doctor (-back then, that was a big deal, all parents/grandparents wished for their consecutive generations),
Joining Navy (-to show my patriotism, to the motherland ;)), MTV VJ (- nothing to say here. haha), hosting a travel show on one of the most famous travel channels (-for my love of traveling, experience cultures)
Writing an inspirational book (- to sparkle my creative side) and many many many more.

Being this conscious, spiritual beings of our time, pulled towards
“Pratyahara” (withdrawal from the senses, to dive inward - One of the 8 sutras)
“Vairagya” (dispassion/detachment/renunciation)
“Samadhi” (- The union with the divine, the ultimate limb, in Patajali’s Ashtanga yoga sutra),
“Nirvana” (- also known as “Moksha” - a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self. Release from the effects of karma, the cycle of death/rebirth)

The Sacred Himalayas

I had this profound sense of non-belonging, I would easily connect to each and every story/person whose life resonates with this feeling of “separation” or as I called it, a parallel Universe – Was that themaya ” (- Sanskrit word for illusion of this material world) There was absolutely no room of  “Raga” (-passion/attachment) Though every soul is as passionate as it always is, and we train our minds to the whims and fancies of these dreams, Thus paving the way ahead.

As days, weeks, months and years, decades, go by, lots of changes with growing up, as with the time/space and in my thinking, but there was one dream I always dreamt of in terms of the above, and that never changed. At all stages, in all circumstances, I always knew, that is THE DREAM I will peruse. Everything I did, everybody I met, every decision I ever made was to envisage this BIG dream of mine into reality.
Then at an unassuming juncture of my being, I experience an enchanting spring, it takes a few months for me to comprehend all the maya and BAM! As I know it, my world is upside down!
It caused me the unimaginable catastrophe I’ve ever experienced, the mayhem in my head- Should I call it a calamity? An adversity? Or was I vulnerable and with the awareness to it? All of the above and a lot more. I was a complete *******!!
I didn’t know who to assimilate what was happening, what had happened, and what may.

One elevated night, Sheer Magic – my transition from agony to bliss. That is the moment I am so grateful for and to all the people/incidents leading me to it, YES,
All I had to do was to accept – DREAMS CHANGE!!

“Let your dreams change your reality;
Don’t let your reality change your dreams”
-                                    ~ Jordan Rose

“The Dream” – the very dream I had, right from my childhood, had changed forever, till eternity and beyond!! It is like all my life I had apples, and dreamt of making a magnificent apple orchard, I had directed my energy into it,  
Gathered required information and was all set, very well - determined, then 1 day after years, for the first time in season (spring), I taste a mango, by chance. The taste, the texture, the sweetness as I bite into it, taste buds burst in deliciousness, it flows through the tongue, into my throat filling up all my senses, all the way making its place in my tummy – before I knew it – into my heart (- or did I always know this is how it supposed to feel?). Now, how the hell will I still go with an Apple orchard, when mango tastes like a piece of paradise? It is to convince myself, nobody and nothing else - Had to get over self-denial, and utter resistance. If something tastes so divine and aligns you with the Universe, just go for it.
I let go of a million things, un-learn a zillion things, then arrived to my ever so beautiful joyous being!!
I BELONG!! I am not only ALIVE but AWAKE.

Even Horizon is not the limit - Gorgeous sunset, Pacific Ocean, San Diego

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness”
-                     ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Not that I hadn’t read about this before, or some close people tried to talk me out of it, I just shrugged my shoulders, nothing really matters until it actually hits the right chord, in that right moment!!
It has not been long since I realized this and a whole lot - how prodigiously mind-blowing this journey has been, and now with the UNIVERSAL ONENESS, infused deep inside each cell, I feel exalted each living moment!
For all the infinite possibilities, “Wow!” – I say to myself.

“The only thing which stands between you and your beautiful changed dream is YOU”

Lovely Universe,
I am all #in.
I am game baby!
-                         ~Beloved Dreamer

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