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I have felt all these and am continuing to feel it in my heart, mind and soul. Of course, there are times, days, weeks, months and years in a row I haven’t even had the whiff of these,
But so very very very delighted that my true awareness recognizes this in every walk of this shiny life.
It is my best effort to come up with a list, as far as my consciousness can remember – the most joyous, blissful moments so far.
This is just a tip of an ice berg, the rest will just follow like that savvy sway of an enchanting spring

With no particular order of any time-frame/intensity/volume/length-breadth/chronology, here it is

1.       That morning sunshine, shining right into my little brown eyes as I opened the doors to the dawn – The Himalayas
The sacredness at its peak: @Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh, Spring of 2015
-       Realization of my childhood dream to become one to feel the #oneness: single entity in that space. I am so grateful of everything and everyone who lead me to it.
-       To have experienced what I have and will, is hard-earned and worth every single second of my wait-time.
-       It is a constant call and I know like I know like I know what is that call for J

2.       24 minutes in the twilight zone: Spring of 2016, San Diego
-       I watch the movies and life can be one of the most beautiful movies we’ve watched, only if we want it to be.
-       Truly and wholly, the most auspicious and dreamy 24m of my life – Birds chirping, plentiful sunshine around, shade of an humble tree, music.
-       I was exalted, over-blown, yet felt as modest I could ever be and as coy as I always am.
-       Was splendidly spirited, drove my new car on the left-most lane for the first time in the country of USA
(Sure, was a BIG Deal for me, then! Well, now, that is the only lane I drive in :))

3.       Dil Toh pagal Hai – Movie narration to my bestest friend, Arshu : Back home, Diwali 1997
-       It was an enumeration from the fairy-tale world from inside to the outside, or should I say vice-versa? ;)
-       We could talk about it all day, all night scene after the scene, dialogue after the dialogue from the beginning to the end, then repeat, and go on for days
-       Shahrukh Khan, my all-time favorite, Bollywood actor.. err.. a phenomena (Yea, he truly was and is!) was a gateway into the romantic life as we transitioned into our adolescence.
-       Butterflies in the stomach fluttering all the way to the clear blue skies with the sight of any Tom, Dick and Harry combined with raging hormones – wow! It was the perfect beginning,
and then that all we needed to get excited about, of course a million new-old developments later build on top :)
-       Just a look, just a word, just a smile from him- we slip into our day dreams, dreams all night, fantasies, we made stories around it, building castles in the air, from 6th Grade through 12th, thru …
And that would never end. What are we without our dreams? Just a blob of flesh configured to work like machines to merely exist in this world? No freaking way! We are what we think and what we dream.

4.       Gokarna Beach – Summer of 2007
-       Being close to nature in a certain way enhances the inwardness, almost euphoric like you just can’t get enough of it. Much like , how much is enough ??
-       Gokarna- In southern part of India, is secluded from the much hype of the coastal line, these beaches are lined up in solitary – Om beach -> Kudlu Beach -> Half Moon beach -> Paradise beach,
Wow, to participate in the beauty of nature and love w. stars, sea, sand, breeze, waves, people, was like a hallucination!
-       Incredible India with its ever-changing cultural diversity, feel so blessed to be born and brought up in her lap

5.       Krishna – Fall of 1995ish
-       Janmastami- his birthday at home with Supreme God, a friend, a guide, a lover and a lil more
-       May be unconventional, sure, different people view God/higher self/Universe/Almighty/The Lord in their unique ways, and there is absolutely no right or wrong way to it
-       I thoroughly felt so ALIVE and I always will – The actual take, take#1, retake and a million others to follow

6.    Rajasthan – Fall 2014
-       The taxi ride to Jodhpur, it was one of the most joyous car rides I have ever taken.
-       Rajasthan- The very name means “The abode of the Rajas – Land of the kings” As excited I was for this trip, alluring vibrant colors women/men wear, fancy traditional attire, the palaces, the breath-taking architecture, folk music –those instruments, songs people wearing big smiles all around living in the very moment, each city/town/village with unfolding unique stories, guides guiding thru – right there, me slipping back into the era of Rajputs, resting my head on the car window on the back seat- all this as we rode thru the dawn, in sun, rain, sunset till dusk.
-       How I imagined me living there, perhaps some lifetime :)

7.    Yoga – So many of them, hard to “date” it!
-       August Yoga, back in Bangalore with Jeevitha and Arooshi – beginning of self-discovery and the whole new awareness
-       Sejal – Blr, With whom I began the  actual  journey with
-       Andre – SD, The Love master, with his whole self, had heard about him a lot, at last made it to hillcrest after a glass of cocktail with girl pals,
I couldn’t stop smiling, the joy, the bliss, the LOVE, I hugged him while surrendering to the Universe in pigeon pose, and traced my way back. He kisses my hand and we give BIG hugs after.
-       The intentions we set, and the people I Yoga with always, always, so special, each time and in every class. Absolute oneness with the self and the moment.

8.    Stars – The first star of the nightfall : Each beautiful night
-       Again, I can’t comprehend to the most happiest I felt – ‘coz it is an ongoing process.
-       Each and every night, as I look up  to the skies,  I long to see this * the spearhead paving the gateway to infinite dreams in both wake and sleep states
-       It never gets old, but just like new love, always exciting always and forever ;)

Yay! These are just off the top of my head, many many many more
-       The 1st bite of my lifetime into a luscious litchi fruit, seeing somebody eat Indian desserts with so much avidity which actually makes me eat the person – food-porn,
-       People tantalizing with oh-so-happy words span together to tell a perfect story – word-porn
-       Feeling the little mangoes for the first time
-       Watching someone Yoga with passion and so much joy – takes me so high in every possible way
-       Clubbing with the girls with 30ml of wine in my tummy
-       Dunk into the pool, into the ocean – which I never never never thought is possible
-       Parking a truck in the middle of the night under the stars right there on the road, as we pay taxes to the government
-    Navratri - dancing for Krishna inside the temple, sheer love and happiness
-       Feeling victorious in the day, at night, anywhere and everywhere
-       Bliss followed after an amazing session of reiki, meditation, sound healing
-       Strangers complimenting out of nowhere for exactly what you are
… and a million.. I know of and millions.. and millions I am yet to know, I truly feel it and it is/will eternally live inside of my each cell.


Thank you Universe.
You are beautiful.
You are Joy!

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