Saturday, November 5, 2016

As auspicious as it gets : Labyrinth Yoga -2

I run into this magnificent Grace Cathedral

Event has started

I am already feeling ecstatic for making it through the open doors. In the waiting area, I see Darren guiding the huge class with few 100s of people on their mats. A note “Gates will be reopened, after the meditation” I sigh out, Aaaaah! I see a bunch of late-comers, well, I am not the only one on IST in America, Aaaaah :)
 Let’s all take a deep breath in and while we breath out, chant AUM, I just sit in the waiting area on the floor and AUM in synonym, Vibrations linger on, while I am still sitting with closed eyes, gates reopen, I go find a spot, looked around to find a restroom, wondering if there are restrooms in cathedrals? If yes, where? At the entrance or the opposite corner? I couldn’t find none. Yoga started – Started with Child’s pose. Deep breath In and Out, I had to put all my energy on breath and not to focus on my bladder :)  I did good.

I smile all throughout the class, Asanas – 1 after the other, Darren has such a deep voice, which instantly grounds you and makes you connected to the moment.
Yet another beautiful  theme – “Learning to Dance with the Limp” he goes on quotes Anne Lamot

You will lose someone you can’t live without, and your heart will be badly broken, and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved. But this is also the good news. They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up. And you come through. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp.

He said keep somebody in your thoughts, remember them, people who have crossed-over, people who are with us, near or far off. I did, I absolutely did,
It was as if we were Yoga’ing together in bliss. I couldn’t stop smiling, there is this band playing live music, Darren walks around the whole (yoga) matted area, many volunteer teachers moving around while they help students dive a little more, inside the auspicious temple. So many warrior ones, I love all warriors, Warrior 1 is not deemed as one of the best poses, at this place where I practice every day, But I enjoy the pose, the more uncomfortable I feel, the better I get at it, the next time. Then extended side angle, I tick-tock my arms to a 12 and 6 position, my gaze shoots beyond the tips of my fingers, upon the ceiling, to the mighty architecture, dim lights, the light beaming right into my eyes and further. Gentle flow, it is all levels yoga, so doesn’t matter if you are a 1st time practitioner, or an advanced teacher, everyone gets a piece of the pie, and feels just right. Then Camel Pose, again the highest no. of times I have done this in a single class- 3 repetitions, it is a deep bend and heart opener, I love it, sometimes brings out the strong feelings on to the surface.

Divinity and more than all, the
Sense of belonging.

I am so #in, all in. Now in savasana, Darren says, “Ancient India brought Yoga to us, and this pose means the corpse pose, we need to practice it, and can be most challenging,
There will be one last time we do this with perfection” I chuckle lying as a sava (corpse), some others do. He is soft spoken, can feel the compassion in his very words. I wonder how it is to guide this amazing class, week after week, where a few 100s make their way to experience this historic event – all by donation. Wow!! World is such a beautiful place to live in. We are guided out of savasana, Aums, Namaste, announced some upcoming events and people disperse. I sit and smile a little bit more. Get around to fill my naked eyes with the exuberance, snap a couple of pictures and on the way out 20$ bill: 10$ for me and 10$ for this incredible person who led me to it.

A deep breath in
kiss the note
wish a wish
Breath out

-       “May the Yoga Bliss be spread all around the world and beyond” 

Drop it in the donation box and run to the find a restroom :)    

PS: Yes! Cathedrals do have restrooms, ooh, Thank God for that.

PSS: I booked the cab, yet another amazing cabbie -  Timothy, had a great conversation.
It was hard for him to believe somebody comes to the city just to do Yoga :)
Life is at its best when you seek your passion!!
He drops me off to my car with “You drive safe girl” and I did drive back to reach San Jose, where I live!

PSSS: Did I lose someone, I cannot live without? Did my lovely heart break?
NO F Way. I am so in love and my lovely heart is so open to receive all the abundance Universe is giving me ♥


Anonymous said...

This is quite the journey! Well done to make it happen- you are a big dreamer, thinker, and manifest abundant energy to realize your thoughts. Reading this, it's as if the whole world was traveling with you, supporting you, guiding you, illuminating the path to take. I was in a yoga class once- theme, "walk into the room like the whole room is cheering for you". It's true, you can choose to believe everyone around you supports the rising up of you, the all of you, raising the bar. All the things, people, times, traffic, "blockages" (all for a purpose), everything, conspired for you to achieve it. Your journey is written from a spiritual place inside you that clarifies the spiritual place inside me. Darren, that temple, the whole experience, is just a energetic wave that resonates with the bigger wave (you) that has been perfectly created from your beginning as two cells (one from mummy and one from daddy) and now fluidly functions with heat, sound, and movement. I am cheering for you as I dance with my beautiful limp.

Aflame!! said...

Thank you "Anonymous" for this very insightful comment of yours.
I ♥ the way you put your words to bring out the reading to be so GREAT!
Appreciate you with all my heart for your response.

You say "dance with my beautiful limp" - isn't that a choice we make?I truly and wholly believe we get all that we want. Absolutely, nothing less, nothing more. If you can actually dance with the person you love, why choose the limp?
I'd like to think - Beauty is all around, just open your heart and mind to allow it into your life :)

♥ Vasu

PS: Cheering for you to dance the dance you always wanted to and with no freakin' limp! :)

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