Saturday, November 5, 2016

As auspicious as it gets : Labyrinth Yoga -1

It is a little after noon, 12ish fiddling around with thoughts a few conscious ones, rest sub-conscious, browsing anything and everything to fill me up,
While awaiting some news about work- brilliant idea strikes. It is the same thought with which I had jumped out of the bed in the morning – “Want to feel ALIVE, instead of just existing” I check a specific email from this very specific person, to get the details – Go through the website and bam, it is Tuesday! Yes! It is a weekly yoga event happens from 6.15-7.30 PM, I have been told and heard volumes about this class.  

"Oh-So-Perfect" - I tell myself, Thank the Universe, and plan (well, I am learning!) I have to leave early It is a drive 1.15 hr w/o traffic and w traffic would double the time and more.              
Big City- San Francisco, have only been there once with a friend driving me to the airport to pick somebody up. Now it is in-front of me to go and explore. Wow, so excited.
Yet, some hesitation, should I? could I? may be later? May be w some company while I drive into the unknown. 

Coming from a society where we are thoroughly pampered every possible way, elders/friends/family are so protective of their girls that we have always been driven around, picked up dropped off, they wait on us even it runs hours at times, well we have always been so taken-care of. It is great, but experiencing the opposite of us is what I have thrived for, and I am still. It is a process. Hence I was amidst my heart and mind again. I have a trick – to get out of this, when I know like I know like I do, then I surely go for it, but when I don’t, I simply toss a coin. I learn it in my childhood, may sound silly to many but I just love it, it is a quicker solution which stuck with something. I did, and it is tails
I take my salad, wear a BIG FAT smile and I jam. I drive with the instructions of GPS, to this music filling all my senses thru Spotify – Life has been so fantastic from the time I invited this car into my life. It started me off on a journey I’ve always wanted to be on – Freedom :) Independence like I knew of it never before, but wanted it all throughout. It is so great. The plan was to drive to this Yoga place in Fremont, I am a member of, at 3 PM, Then get fresh to get out at 4.30 PM,  just walk as the event was just 1.2 miles from Yoga place. Avoiding the need to drive at the peak hour and moreover parking. I left my office in Santa Clara at 1.43 PM, but didn’t realize I would be so stuck just as I entered SFO. I made it to Yoga place 3.02 PM, but parking? God, it looked like a downtown area, I drove around, got honked at, like 8 times then found a spot, yay! Ate some more salad, took my mat, bottle and walked to the yoga place.

It was 3.30ish, thanks to all the buffer time I had, I know me well :) Amazing class by Melissa, began at 4 PM, advanced but focus was so much on breath, letting the breath guide you to the asana, felt so incredible as I Namaste’d, in the end. I change from yoga clothes to another, get fresh and head towards my car, 5 min walk, and booked a cab. TRAFFIC, reminded me of my hometown – Bangalore, it has been a while since I saw something like that. Cab driver couldn’t get me, so after waiting for 15m, canceled. Booked another one, time is ticking, absolutely no time to walk, it would take 22m, accordingly to Google maps for me to reach by walk. I had to reach there at least by 5.45  PM, and it was 5.45 PM :) I call this new cab driver, guide him, or misguide him, w my great sense of direction, he finally gets me, I thank him, for driving like crazy only w his heightened positive attitude I could reach – He said I WILL reach and I SO WANTED TO (“ … And when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it”, I love this, use it in my signature, I love Paulo Cuelho, I love The Alchemist) At 6.16PM, I give Abdul, the cabbie the biggest hug and run with my(ur) mat.

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