Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 items or Less

Yes inspired by this movie "10 items or Less"which was on TV like a zillion times- Never got to watch completely, last time I squeezed 'MY' time to grab the largest part of it [- my all time high ;) ] that to amidst this IPL season.. arrgghh I hate that TV screen when cricket is being played and Bikz gluing to it like.. 24/7 lazily on that damn uncomfortable new freakin expensive couch we bought from @Home!!!

Alright coming back to what I was aiming at- 10 Things I Hate (At the moment I mean, leaving the past to glorify and future to Shine to eternity)

1. The sound of cloths being washed, rather say trashed- Phat phat phat.. in our neighbouring building, can hear it thru that BIG window right from my bed. This saga begins as early as 6ish every morning goes on till I am all awake and lost in daily routine

2. Those fights I have with Bikz. Not that it wasn't there before but now it really gets on my nerves. It makes the whole living miserable for him and for me too

3. Joys of shifting to Bangalore- I know it thru my heart & mind that Bikz is not happy with his current domain. He was a * performer with AVAYA, unfortunately he had to switch with the offer he got here and somehow it makes him sad & wane. In turn I feel responsible for all this and am praying things would go his way sooner. It was too much of emotional turmoil during last days of this work there, and I have been thru a very little on his last day. I couldn't stop my tears all night, and cant imagine how he felt!! He would never let these things out :( ^%&^&^%^%$^!! Definitely it isn't an easiest task but we are hopeful, am indeed very +ve it is gonna be good in near future. Amen!!

4. Long hours standing in a crowded Volvo in the peak hours of traffic. OHO(Office Home Office) schedule, though I stay only 7-8Kms away. Thanks to all the DEVELOPMENT work taken up by BDA(Bangalore Development Authority) Flyovers, bridges.. what so ever it is. This includes honking/pollution/alarming no. of vehicles clogging the roads in scorching sun/pouring rain.. indeed all the time

5. Noise pollution- No,not in the context I mentioned above. This is @work in this lab where I sit and work. People manage spanning their topics from everyday food taken to politics to cricket to hikes and what not under this deep blue sky. I find them to be a bunch or morons blabbering their mouths on top of their voice for NOTHING.. absolutely nothing!! I hate it

6. Limitation- due to mobility! I don't have a vehicle of my own, neither do I know how to ride/drive any vehicle. This limits me from going for Yoga/meditation/Buddhist center, limits me from going places to get what I want to when I am really in need. All my work has been due from days, weeks and months now. This is in my hands- I know will join a driving school and we are gonna get a vehicle soon. Hoping it is gonna be real soooooooooooooooooon.

7. Time management- I royally suck at it!! Minimum exercise I wish to do, hours at work, cooking, sleeping, penning down few lines in my diary, arranging stuff at home.. Na nothing is same as 1 day. Grrrr - again this is in my hands. So going into my to-do list

8. My bloody stomach cramps (Yea some 'Lucky' gals are blessed with this #$%$%^$^) - Not sure how this 1 came down the list. Yes some ailment I have been facing right from 7th std which I could never get rid off. I have this ache which come like tsunami tearing me up both physically and mentally. This is the only 3days every time I question GOD and am biased about gender!! Can hardly sit/stand/sleep nor can do nothing about it with all the mood swings. when ever it wishes say in 18 days, 22 days unpredictable!! Have consulted enough docs, took up scanning. Sis says this ain't enough, yes would jump to Ayurveda in few days. O god please help me with this as it is so not in my hands, legs, head or heart

9. Keeping in touch- Yes this is another thing where I S**K again. I hate it. All my loved ones whom I care, whom I don't really care- May it be very close friends, relatives, family members-- My apologies.I am NOT, not at all good at this, I lose touch with ppl for no reason, thanks to their reckoning effort that I still have some friends. To those in Pune(a, g, h, k, n, v, t, .......z), Mumbai [Jyoti :(] across states, across countries, in Bangalore - Love you all.

Yes I shall keep up with the title as respect the movie and stop here before writing other stories/making other excuses, you know I can go on and on and on..

Hate less, live longer. ~Terri Guillemets


AmitL said...

Hey there,Aflame...came here via ur link on Arunima's blog..very nice blog u have here.enjoyed this post,even though it was about things u hate.:)
Will be back to read a bit more..and,hey,do be regular in posting,if time permits..(time management-as u said..haha).
Do drop by my blog sometime:

Arunima said...

hey, baby. things will turn out just fine. concentrate on teh positives. The negatives will go off on their own. Hugs!

Aflame!! said...

@AmitL: Sure I did go thru ya link the moment I saw ya reply for my comment at Anurima's "Suicide" :)

Good going..Keep Bolgging

Aflame!! said...

@Arunima: Sure Darl.. thatz exactly what I have been upto offlate :) Love ya writings..

Jyoti said...

Cant agree more on point 8..... ooh i just hate those days every month.
And no matter how hard you try but wont leave you so easily... cant afford to lose friend as crazy as you are :)atleast for this lifetime...
love you muuuaaah..
Why not write ten things you loveeeeed abt Bikz ;)
it will be very interesting to read :P

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