Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Such a beautiful thing to talk about.. to write about..even to think about. For me, it falls under the category of 'Basic Needs' for any species not just homo sapiens.
It is so essential, like the whole purpose of our living, earning, struggles, challenges all we do is to be happy..rather put it in this way- the motive is to be satisfied in life, but satisfaction just wont do as it is so lame, doesn’t have any taste. Now we try to garnish it make it little sweet, a little tangy..a little interesting with few nicer things that make hearts sing, may be even dance - then the feeling attained by this whole process is 'happiness' laterzz can get awesome overwhelming, exotic ...... (No boundaries)....

But the problem is satisfaction cannot be sort so easily, it is difficult to be a 'satisfied soul' in many ways, so happiness obv becomes scarce :( so scarce that sometimes people forget that something like this even exists.. and get busy with the routine..they have been following from days, months, years.. Thats what I call, getting trapped in a Monotonous cage!! I have been there, and can take my word- It sucks bigtime.
"Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it " (- Jacques Prévert) because happiness is a form of courage, we gotta be happy and have to get it, as it is a birth right ;)

It is subjective, not objective as happiness is not confined to 1 thing, 1 person or 1 situation. As an ongoing process, day to day life I am sure there are more than the no. countable times 1 can be happy.. A few glimpses

>>1 of the least expected but fav song "Right here waiting for you" on radio while traveling in the bus
>>a sigh of compliment as you arrive, from a team mate seated beside for your attire
>>a very nice salad served at cafeteria
colleague coming up with a Cadbury just for you, and for no reason saying "hey dude, just like that" :)
>>a small appreciation phrase like 'Good catch' in the mail from client side
>>at last spotting a cute guy in the crowd, for the 1st time ;)
>>mail from an old friend after years saying he is in town
>>to receive a tiny but STUPID testimonial from 1 of the best buddies
>>usual phone talk with galy paly about the ex comp getting more juicier
>>casual talk with childhood sweetheart ending up in giggles about the crushes back in school
>>awesome view of the sunset, cool breeze blowing ya hair hay way on the terrace during snack break

>>some vague sudden plan by roommates to have a D-meet up with pals after office hours

to be continued ;)


Jyoti said...

I want to add on...
- old funny photos
- a flower and have a nice day note
- smile and more smile without any reason
- somebody say "i am proud of You" the reason can be any
- first rain
- and most imp shopping shopping
- and of course talking with my VAsuuuuuuuuuuuuu :P

Aflame!! said...

hahaha soooooooooooo sweet ma love.. muuah :*

Sujay said...

Not bad a glimpse.... but then at times... sadness to brings in happiness in 1...! Eases 1 off the pain to be happy..!! Gud going...!! :)

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