Monday, February 9, 2009

~~~M@@D $W!NG$~~~

God knows, why does something like a 'MOOD' exist, like it was not just enough, to add on to the misery it 'SWING's too. Grrrrr Grrrrrrrrrr

Ya on a serious note, at times when am just there feeling on top of the world, may it be coz of shopping in Benetton, goodies from ma sis from the continent on the other side, may it be the most happening party with ma galy gang..or good Italian at El Fungo Magico..there the very next moment am thrown to a very dark, creepy, abyssal thoughts awakening some nasty unworth feelings from inside like tearing me apart into pieces un-countable :( Then I know I dont wanna be in my skin anymore, feels so dejected, neverthless to mention depressed. And I dont know why.. how.. who.. what!! Not a slightest clue.. either.. :(

“The heart loves, but moods have no loyalty. Moods should be heard but never danced to”- Who so ever said it, I cant agree better.What it is supposed to be "what it is".. Why does it only fakes it to be "what it is?" Past is past future would be future, dont understand why present gets screwed coz of past experiences and futurely perceptions. I always wanted to come back to Bengaluru from Pune, now that I am here, who cribbing day and night, yea feeling nostalgia :( SAD thing it is!! I browses a bit and found Owens Lee Pomeroy's quote

"Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!" Gosh, I wonder how nostalgic he must have been to quote this so perfectly, he can be termed as the Father of nostalgia. Unfortunately am one of his beloved followers :(

I cant stop comparing Bang-Pune!! Each and every single glimpse that passes by has two flashes in ma head
I go there(Pune) I feel nice, great really amazing like never before but am aware of the fact that I DONT belong to that place anymore(Possibility- May be that is why I feel THAT great). Hmmm, mood swings from 1 end to the other farthest end leaving me so restless. I just wanna stop all this and start living- for what I am, not for what I was, or for what I am gonna be.
Conquering 1's own mood and keeping it IN CONTROL is 1 of the best acheivements I feel, coz it is atrociously difficult task!! Try it


Jyoti said...

"Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!"
Its simply amazing but when you come across something better and new in your life... you start living in present perfect.

I really miss you :(

Anonymous said...

Simply electrifying stuff... Cudnt understand a damm bout wat u wrote.. guess tat becoz i am stonned..!! haha.. lolz.. just kidding dear... gud one... a little confusing though... ;)

~ Luv - Ur fan..!

Aflame!! said...

Miss ya ma darly..wish we can affort to buy some part of our past and let go some part of future!! DAMN!! Love ya... JYOTI hny pie.. mauuauauuah

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