Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday..

"Why are birthdays so over -rated? I mean.. what is so special about a birthday, comes every year.. it is just another day, boring ..has 24 hrs.. same routine.. sun rise, to sun set.. now what?"
I wanna whack their ass who thinks like .. that...!!
Birthdays are special.. yes they are sooooooooooooo special, though 100 thousand others have taken birth all round the world, it is still YOUR birthday!! Gotta be special.. we have another 364 1/4 days to be spent with ya normal rountine of life.. machine-like..monotonous life.. but.. D day is something!!
I never like to spend time in the place 1 stays, have to take a holiday, go out partyyyyyyyyy crazy get tipsy with ya loved ones.. friends.. gals.. boys or with 'THE'ONE..who so ever.. ;) May be I have this strong feeling coz of festive spirit of christmas,getting holiday on x-mas eve is no tough job.. so I have always had this ma head!! may be it a beach.. a beautiful get away.. resort.. or a happening partyyy in a BIIIG city..go freak on :)

"Birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time" - Paul Ritcher
Day is filled with- loadsa prayers.. loadsa wishes.. sweets..candles.. candies.. chocs, cakes..goes with out saying!! No matter how, where it is, the sole purpose is not to let the spirits down, whole year, what is accomplished vs wha is gonna accomplishable is a huge thingy going on inside of the small head we pocess!! Phew, amidst all the calls for friends.. cousins.. faaar off ppl whom u havent met.. scrapping, leaving offlines, hope there wont be any time to remorse, as I said before, all other days are there for that.
I feel like I jus passed 13yrs, Picasso quoted "It takes a long time to grow young" I believe it didnt take at all for me.. lolla.Now is time to realize the wisdom gained(really..:D) weighing highs and lows(loadsaaaaa)..judging good bad decisions taken.. making a small pavilion for whole year which is right ahead of you.. GOD BLESS :)

"Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world"
Happy budday to me..... :D

How swift have flown
To me thy girlish times,
A woman grown beneath
My heedless eyes!
In vain I rack My fancy to believe
The almanac,
That speaks thee twentyish - Anon


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie, l didnt understand last paragraph

Aflame!! said...

o.. tatz 1 beautiful sonnet kinda thing written about a lady, entering into her 20ish year :) Iloved it.. so put it up..the last line says "That speaks thee twentyish " - Meaning the above described speaks of her 20ish year :)

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