Friday, August 1, 2008

With L@vE... 'MY' AFtek

I never imagined in my wildest thoughts.. that leaving AFTEK would be so hard, Phew!! Everysingle thing under this blue sky as its sunny side, and ofcourse the dark side. What ever you term it has- emotions, sentiments, attachment I ve went thru all the day i left this company. Miss my team, miss the work, miss that enviorment, miss those snacks.. and everything.. good bad.. worse, all kinds and all times. Here is what I had to say----------
"Hi Guys,

Yes, yet another “GOODBYE” mail hitting your inbox; I would try to keep it shorter, though it’s quite a challenge.

wondering, how fortunate I am, for saying BYE, is so hard for me, and sure is a necessary.The tenure in Aftek has been my journey from DHG to Broadcom, it was a realm of good, not-so good moments.. But are relished thoroughly.Seems like coming from home, Bangalore to Pune took me a long way – and made remarkable milestones in my career, inter-personal ladder measured within. Broadcom, is been more than just a ‘project’ to me- here is where I went through most of the heights and depths, never thought of, makes an amazing story filled with gossips, shocks, laughs twists and turns. SVT- ‘MY TEAM’- completely rocks, makes major part of my reminiscence, which I would carry even backhome or where ever I destine. Love and cheers to all you guys, and how can I forget to thank DHG- for teaching me MARATHI?

There is a hope to meet shortly again, and make our absence sweet, After all they say each person is separated by bare 6 Degrees,Drop in a mail anytime-, and as of now, my no. would be- 9881065668.

Am looking forward for our path to cross sometime and Leaving with the note, trying to figure out…Where is the ‘good’ in goodbye?
And the rest.. Beyond words could speak :)

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