Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Agony... pain.. hurt..

Like we breath.. like we have food.. water.. like we walk and talk, AGONY becomes a part of life. It gets imbibed in dialy routine, with or with out our knowledge, it is lwayz walkin along sometimes shadowed by other materialistic things, but the truth is how far and how long can we escape/hide/ignore it? Na, not for long.
So many things hurt- situations,words, ppl, actions, reactions, breakups, love, friendship, relationship, truth,lies,expectations,hopes, wishes,trust, distrust,decisions,death, birth... You name it!!! Agony could be personified or can come as part of time, which is usually tagged as "BAD TIME", no matter what it is almost always there. We try to mask it in million ways, but it unmasks itselfs in million and 1 ways, damn thing!!! Ultimately i wonder, is there no remedy atall? i mean, you accept it , acknowledge it, solve it but in course of time again, its come right there in front of you,but in some other form. Am had hopes, so many thinking 1 fine day, i would put an end to all this SAD crap, no wayz, only to realize it keeps coming back to you more stronger and more refined. DAMN THING!!!

Expectations hurt, hurt so much, in all dimensions possible- like say i have exceptations in other person, not fulfilled, that hurts bad, 2nd -people have expectations in me, not met, they are hurt, finally it hurts me, cause they are my loved ones. At times am too cautious even to raise few guts on this point, bending on somebody, trusting somebody to have anticipations further. But this world is way too tempting not to go for instant joys, after all life is not all that long that you can go back and repair/fix, on the contrary we can get the best lesson outta it and go ahead further with the spirit not to redo the same mistake :)
So, now i know, it takes incredible intelligence to cloud off the pain, better you can do it, more is the wordly happiness you come across.About the REAL REAL happiness, am not sure, may be not even in the position to comment, hope there will be a day where i will assimilate this truth too.. still the questions remains.. WHY? why is there so much pain in the, heart of hearts, soul of souls, deep rooted inside the layers of the skin.. tears roll down in immense, hearts become heavy, minds get spammed with unnecessary S#%#, GOD knows WHY....

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