Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Have had this feeling "the choices u make in life decides YOUR destiny" but one of my greatest friends think "Choices one make in life doesn’t decide the destiny but makes one walk closer with the destiny which is already written" As much as i respect my friend, contradicting it is!!!
Anyways, how can i expect thoughts of 2 different individuals to be similar? Yet, there are like millions of people who belong to different worlds and manage getting tuned… rather say get together by hook or crook!! I mean its strange and so weird at times when you take a closer look at the things happening with your own self, as it is with me at the moment. I always wanted to 'GO WITH THE FLOW’ of life, now i feel am absolutely there going with the flow, but only to realize, I have lost the control over my own actions, decisions, thoughts, deeds!! Absolutely!!!
Is this what we call 'go with the flow' if yes, then I would have rather chosen to take life in a balanced manner, my way, I show the way, i pave the path how to flow where to flow, how to flow :) as i remember a saying by an intellectual dude, "Life is 10% how it comes and 90% how you take" see it all depends on YOU!!!
Snatch the time, make it all YOURS, take things where you want,create ur own destinies.. design ur goals.. garnish with immense happiness.. smile laugh and you have a LIFE you alwayz dreamt off.. on TOP of the world :)

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