Thursday, December 6, 2007


How many times you come across this word ?10..100..1000..10000...1000000.. Countless?? yea, have no choice, have to compromise!!!Damnnnn!!

There was 1 stage of ma life, when i disliked.. rather say hated the very word..then i had determined, for NOTHING in this world would i ever COMPROMISE.. yah, i call it adolescence!! Now that i am a grown up gal.. BIG gal.. way too grew up in few months!!
learned many.. Unlearned too many things all along. few for good, few for bad, few for the worst.

How i wish, i ever stayed that way, how i wish, i'd ve never come to this stage, why do we GROW-UP?? just to learn and accept compromises are better than fighting for the ones you want!! when young, may be mommy.. daddy, laterzz a lot matured boy.. Boyfriend.. Holds your hand and makes sure we are taking the right steps.. time goes by, years pass by, knowledge creeps in, we realize, that there is NO need for any hand which is holding you, so start walking alone.. it feels great, rejoicing all the freedom and fun frolic along the walk. Now after a while, come across different people, more interesting than the ones you already know, may be a change, change we would appreciate coz, its been quite sometime and tend going by it, changing the directions which has no destiny.

Now, all the past becomes history, all you are concerned is the present life, fantasized future.. New future.. New aims.. New goals.. and at last sort a 'BRAND new destiny!!' here its not a walk on the rose bed, so decide to take easier steps with out altering the 'BRAND new destiny' so, obviously, consciously, sub-consciously, tend to compromise!!

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Anonymous said...

So was ur past a compromise or ur present and future which u fantasizing a compromise??

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