Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yes, Good Guyz DO EXIST! Phew..!!

Ripley's believe it or not!!

yea, atlast am gonna change ma view to an extent atleast.i explored something which contradicted ma own true beliefs.. guess wha??? The 'Good-Guy' specimen aint extinct yet! Am happy to re-declare that "THIS" species still exist very much on our Planet.. breathing the same air(polluted...air.. of course.hehe), drinkin the same water,survive having the same edible food.. unbelievable isn't it??

Arite, wha am gonna say applies to those so called "single-to-mingle" kinda BOYS.. and nah to mention,this has nothin to do wid "dedicated-boyfriend"material they are alwayz Sweet-heartz (hey u Guyz Hip-Hop..err.. ROCK all-time..:))

Strange but true, every DAM* guy wanns to take advantage of a Gal.. and it absolutely doesn't matta if the Gal is Single/under-aged/commited/engaged/married, oh boy!If the Gal too is 'OKAY'(yea, rite!)wid going ahead wid things then, no bothers anyayz.. else, WHY..WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY...???Whaz all the fun in troubling her? aarrgghhh.. 'YOU' guyz suck.. and BIGTIME!!

'Friend' according to me is jus a 'Friend' and we DONOT have no more feelings above this! Gals are happy the way they are.. they are happy for wha they are.. few of them are single 'coz they chose for it and NOBODY wanns/expects FAVOURS from 'Friends.....!!!!'Few are extremely happy wid their guyz,sweet heartz.. :) n 'WE'(yesssssss.. there i am.. belong to this category) dont need any DAM* guy, coz we see eternity in the LOVE, in the sharing and REALIZE guyz, we are in LOVE.. not just a crush/infactuation/adore. ultimately, we are happy for we are GALS :) yo!!Also we exactly know where we are heading in this matter. So keep ya INTETIONS to urself!! Huh!!!

Far away from home..amidst a world of strangers.. have a purpose to serve and life of OUR own. Flirting,flings..fooling-around.. are passe,we have a Career to catch! So Guys Beware ;)


Anonymous said...

toooo musshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh vaaasu.... toooo musssshhhh!!!

Aflame!! said...

ooo.. really? who s this??

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