Saturday, June 16, 2007

Me.. Me.. Me.. and Me..

Had come to this place with HIGH(.. yea, HIGH with a capital 'H') Hopes..(....yet again). Was great, absolutely amazin, new work.. new environment..soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far away from Home.. friends..Loved ones..Indeed far from Anybody(& everybody) i knew on this planet..( i Aways wished!!).Got to know thingz at work.. and outside.. like i neva knew.. that tells me, not everything could be learnt by just by hearin/seeing but oughtta Experience it...!!(Phew.. they said "Life teaches u lesson..n itz the Best Teacher".. realized..HOW true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Pg..(ah, KraZy KHi****res) was 1 of the most boring places, i ve known till now.. except for the twins-in-there.Infact, thatz the sole entity wha i miss from that place,which was beared by me sooooooo patiently(...yea for almost 5.. long long long long......months!(Bravo me, for still saving lil 'SANITY' inside me!) Thank God.. am outta it.. into a Flat.. all independently wid sane ppl around :) :) :) Am sure can preserve it for the rest of ma life.... :)Things change...yes, gotta change as its inevitable..yes, things change for good. Though nobody promised that all thingz change( i wish???)

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