Saturday, June 16, 2007

Change... necessary Changes!

.. to continue.. Changes!!
Ah, why cant the change happen the way we Desire??? Why is it alwayz/mostly other-way round???grrrrrrr yet few thingz neva change.. i continue comparing this place...PUNE to i alwayz did. It can only make me feel worse.. just to add to ma Feeling-not-so-good feeling,yes, it hardly took DAYZ for me to realize.. how much i miss my LAND, My people, My language,My food.. the whole 'MY', indeed, i felt i lost ma whole identity!!Amidst a completely different cultured people a gal like me, ought not to face too many problems.. yet i did(..remember.. Experience speaks VOLUMES..phew again!!)
Though a in a betta position to see thingz in here, yet i bl**dy cant stop comparin wid BANGALORE.. heaven on Earth(...the Earth i ve seen :) and am ll still remain 'the Heaven' for rest of the earth am gonna see..!) i tend to compare every lil, ppl around, cost-factors..guyz,galz,fruits,vegetables,cosmetics,cloths,accessories,vehicles..amount of pollution.. traffic sense..parties,music,greenary around..cost of, roads,hangouts,water,languages spoken,malls,cinemas,skies,stars,mud,trees and every lil thing i see wid my opened eyes, things i feel wid my skin.. things i think of in my mind... every DAMN thing!!!!!!!!!!(..can somebody imagine.. itz the heightz!!!!)uh... have no clue how much i hate myself for this...aarrgghh....!
I realize that every place has got itz advantages/disadvantages.. yet i cant stop ^&&%R^$%#%@%^%^& and all the above said! Ah... GOD why cant this be changed?????

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