Saturday, June 16, 2007

All LoSt.. LoSt in the world of ..!!!

Yesssss absolutely!!! I wonder at wha stage in life am standing... Feel so Bl**dy LoSt.
Aint happy with the work anymore (...who will after such a depressing appraisal,even after getting my grades-right....!!!??!!) Also, i know.. very well know, itz not the field i wanted to work on.. this Domain is not my cuppa-tea! Am sure, Management is what i am made for, thatz exactly where i see myself fitting into..(..atlast i know! Thankz heavens for this!) At this stage,will i be able to stop earning?????(almost impossible..)Should i continue working(..????) here..or should i really start looking out in My-Bangalore.. or should i indeed go ahead wid the itch which has gotten into my head off-late???
It wasn't 1 of my million-burning desires though.. yet, i see myself proceeding Management way..(Business) coz, i believe so. Ummmmm..beliefs,decisions,dreamz,hopes,aims,goals.. are on 1side, yet only "MONEY" factor on the other. Yet in many cases, the former ones all together cant raise upto the latter .. there losing the whole BALANCE..balance of WHOLE life!! thatz how ppl learn to live wid compromises(... bet, the word which has visited all living-entities of the universe in different proportions)
So, yessssss now, i ll connect myself wid the words i just said

My Belief : Am made for 'Management'
My Goal : Doing MBA in Business
My Aim : To give my GMAT, and Do MBA in US..FDU New Gersy
My Hope : To get a student-Loan from a bank for my studies in FDU
My Dream: To work as a business-Analyst in a BIGGGGGGGG company ASAP

ahhaha.. everthing so clear..crisp just like a crystal in a lighted room..right infront of my naked eyez, yet am not able to figure out wher i am!!! ah.. God, Life'z such a paradox! It suckz BIGTIME!!!

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