Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Each 1 of us have seen dreams.. Right from the time we knew how to think till date zillions of dreams bypassed us.. Few at nights when we are fast asleep few in the broad daylight amidst a flowing crowd.. And a few when least expected!
What actually are these DREAMS? How could they be soooooooooo wonderful at times and also manage being the worst nightmare (NOTE: even the deadliest nightmare is a ‘DREAM’.. but yes the other face of it..!!!!) Is it the outcome of our wild imagination?? Or is it that our own thoughts pile up and we ourselves picturize it as a dream? Or is it the deepest cravings hidden in depths of the heart burst out?? Or is it our visionary instinct taking an active roll resulting in a dream? Or is it any damn thought which absolutely has no attention from us end up forming a dream? Or is it as our intelligent scientists’ research proves “Our dreams combine verbal, visual and emotional stimuli just a part physiological and psychological stimulations??” Or is it the fusion of conflicts/compromises initiated by our heart and mind?? Or is it as happens with the chosen ones.. A sixth sense??? Or is it weary phase of the night/day which needs no invitation, which can neither, be stopped nor rejected…yet ignored day in and day out??? [Also ever wondered if its only Human beings who have these strange dreams or.. any other form of living beings go through the same???]
(Folks got any idea..???)
No matter what it is.. Dreamzzzzzz are amazing…!!!!!!!!!!(Agreed??????? Yes got to ‘coz we have no choice!!) Its gives a sense of tranquility.. Whether am hearing the song “dream dream dream….” Or sitting in green valley thinking about my loved ones It’s healthy to dream.. or is it really??? Hmmm.. Remember those days when I woke up crying to the top of the roof.. As I had seen the worst disaster which could ever happen in my family, continued for a while, later consolidated myself.. and said”Thank God it’s just a DREAM!!!” can’t be enough glad for that scary episode being JUST A DREAM.
Yessssssssss… there are loads of times when I wished and prayed for dreams (few) to come true (..Come on.. Who haven’t???) Somebody said “the first thing you have to do to make your dream come true is wake-up” I agree.. Completely. Not all dreams are wished to be dreams; few are made to be realized in real-life, like having a BIG car, a villa, meeting great personalities, listing the top amongst world’s richest people, Europe tour, touring the world to experience different cultures.. Different food.. Life styles, space trip, to watch galaxies…...on and on and on……
Dreams are part of our lives, all arise in us and of course most of them die in us!! (Gosh is this the SALVATION dreams possess???) Alas... At times it’s even hard to recollect the dream we had the previous night. We do acknowledge Dreams in distinctive ways.. With a smile, with a tear, with a sigh, sharing it with others, making it a base for the future.. a vision, Smart people cherish it in real life, in contrast few are content for it being just a dream, and few hardly have time to realize if he/she even had a dream. See that’s what I call different lives, different people different dreams… Yet we all live we dream.. And this goes on until the very last breath!!

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Linda said...

Good Start.. Nice one. Make me think more about the my Dreams. I am one person who cant have a complete sleep without Dream. Even if i sleep for 5min i will dream. Seriously !! ; )
"Remember those days when I woke up crying to the top of the roof...... and said”Thank God it’s just a DREAM!!!”" Very True i was doing the Same thing 2days back.

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