"stumbling upon" a conversation

a. “May I ask you one thing?” Curiosity in his eye. 
v. “Yes, of course.” came the reply. Biologically called response to the stimuli
a. “What are you people made up of?” shoots the question
v. "Oh, that, you may be surprised, but it is still flesh and bone" answers entertainingly
a. “No, seriously, what are you people made up of?” in a real intense serious tone 
v. “What, I am sorry. Ummmm, I don’t seem to understand the context with which you are asking me something like that.     I am just here for….” didn’t finish the sentence
a. “haha” display of his frolic mood
v. stares
a. “I have been traveling for 17 years now, and I first set out when I was about 17. Journeyed with little or no money many    a times. Started off with the famous Europe tour for obvious reasons at that age” laughs. Then a pause.
v. was getting a hang of it, all ears
a. “ Then, Australia, returned back home for a few months. Chronologically, next was South America, Expedition to Antartica, Asia. In Asia - Dubai,…


I am in a “mixed” reminiscence, I typed “sweet” without no quotes, but I am getting to it, so righteously replaced it. An array of colorful memoirs, sure white & black, shades of grey, along came magical, and some mystical colors too.
Exactly, 2 years ago, past twilight, it was a warm night of Aug 24th, I landed in the Sunshine city, flying over San Diego oceans. Recently, I caught myself pondering over all events from teeny weeny frivolous ones to life-altering, momentous ones (ones, twos, threes..) And how even, if there was a hairline difference in any – may it be a specific timing, may it be a particular conversation, project, city, company, friend, yoga, how my path would have got digressed, I wouldn’t have reached where I am right now. That being said, no matter which geographical location I would have been living, I am 100% sure to have been taught many splendid lessons for I am NOT the experienced, but indeed, the experiencer.
Looking outside the window, head pressed against t…


What an Auspicious day? Aren’t all days auspicious ‘coz we are ALIVE?
Raksha Bandhan – 
For the first time, somebody wished me for Rakhi, for a brother, sister inside of me, and to me. So, thrilled, how a new dawn never ceases to amaze me, for it carries this tender scent of freshness coupled with excitement. I wished back, this wish extending not just to a brother, a sister, but to all the brothers and sisters of this big beautiful world. How these customs are carried out, legend has it – when Krishna killed one of evil kings, Sisupala, He hurt his finger. As Draupadi witnessed this, her heart melted, she tore a piece of fabric from her beautiful saree and tied it around Krishna’s finger to stop the bleeding. It is her “Raksha” towards a brother, which forms a “Bandhan” and we ritualistically follow this, and the beatitude is so much in the intention set while tying this holy thread. I love all* festivals (*well, almost all)
Balarama Happy Birthday-
As I am in immense consciousness, I know…

Desire and Destiny

“Bring in your deepest desire in front of you, stare at it, stare right into it.  Breath in, hold, hold, hold, and out Aaah.  Desire -> Intention -> Will -> Destiny.
How would you direct your intentions, your will, towards your desire if you are not what you are defined to be. Forget that you are a daughter, a son, a sister, a brother, a mother, a father. Become it, become your desire. You are your desire. Following your truest, noblest desires leads you to your destiny”
My eye gaze at, into my deepest desire, without no eyes opened, in Samashiti. I shift my gaze to the world outside. We flow, a mind-blowing flow for 60m. So gentle, as though we were gliding in honey, the nectar, with minimum thoughts, if any all towards the Destiny, the Dharma as we call it. Monika, came down to take a special LOVE Class in South Bay, it was concluded by an authentic Namaste. She asks, “ Did anybody notice these words? From where I got inspired? These words are from?”, I gently raise my hand and nod…


Feeling vulnerable, again. Perhaps, this happens a lot with open ♥, and these days, I have vowed to myself, no matter what, I should keep her open. Well, it took a life time to reach here, I don’t want it to be any other way.
Restlessness, gushing like Goddess Ganga when she first cascaded down on to the earth with Rishi Bhagiratha’s wish – Wild, erratic, un-stoppable, with her primitiveness lashing out, swaying, dancing, then came Shiva. He tied her with his dreadlocks to tame her. Tell me, what would humble me?
This mind. (- Advaita) This body. This heart. (- Anahata Nad) This consciousness.
Everything is elsewhere, somewhere between that eternal spring and the heat that sets me ablaze,  making me - AFLAME.
Where am I? Exactly where I supposed to be, alas! But physically I am here. What is there for me here? Am Absent. I *thought* I could hold it together, then came new moon, Buddha Purnima (May, 2017) received a message, then Guru Purnima  - last Saturday(July, 2017). What is this energy? W…

The Journey... continues

<<< Nothing stops. heartbeats.. sunshine.. azure blue skies.. so does the journey.. continues...>>>

#5. Everything in this materialistic world changes –, to experience this is to become synonymous with it, with no (or least) resistance. Paradoxically, change is the only thing that is constant in the world. If people don’t adapt, they cease to exist. Ultimately, the choice is always yours, you want to keep striving or thrive in the joy of limitlessness. An open heart brings to you innate bliss even in completely un-expected situations – I found something in amazement during a bike ride to the ATM with a Yogi Swami, after a blissful Yoga as the sun rise over Holy Ganga. We rode through the dark, tiny gallis of Kashi, at the day break, I found out that people living in the most chaotic city I’ve seen are also the happiest. As he told me the stories, I basked in wonderment, smiled so big in the marvels of life's teachings.
#6.Once while conversing with somebody, topic o…

The Journey

Traveling sure is some kind of a ‘gasm. I know I cannot quench the thirst, I haven’t seen enough, but no amount of travel will ever suffice for me. I am no nomadic, yet to take on at least a million voyages both outside and inside of me. I am on with it. So on.
(Now, not so) Recently, I took 29 days off from work to realize one of my most excited dreams, I ever dreamt. Sure, kept calling it #indiatrip, only half way through it, I began to realize, nope, I wasn’t on no freaking trip, it was a JOURNEY. A true journey into the holy mountains, rivers, temples, places, holy inward journey, into my own soul. The empiricism was so esoteric, that there goes no day, no night where I don't reflect upon these. I keep coming back to this sometimes very consciously, most of the times otherwise. Dwelling into the reminiscence of this extraordinary fantasy, which I materialized, I am ever more so humbled, and ever more so grateful for all the know-hows, wisdom I gathered and many a lessons, that …