You let go, let go and let go, because that is the only way, You have been learning, all your life. The whole world teaches you otherwise, but you learn to let go. Anyways, what is there to hold on to, nothing is everlasting – Isn’t it? Not even love? Not any ordinary love, that LOVE where you connect with the other soul, when you fall in love not with the mere person, but the light which shone through the heart center.
Fine, you let-go.. now, this suffering.. Why do we suffer, Oh My God, so much?
-You weep, all day, all night, these tears, they come from some unknown place, you wish they dry up one day.. you wait, for them to be done.. but… -You try to fall asleep, get a few hours of shut-eye, regardless of you wanting it or not, sun is so consistent (unlike people) so the day breaks, sun shines, a new dawn begins, you have places to be, things to do -You dream, the haunting nightmares of what-happened/what-should-haves/what-could-haves, they wouldn’t spare you even while asleep -Wake up wi…

How much love is enough love?

LOVE... LOVE... LOVE... How much love is enough love?

LOVE - Ah! gives me chills even with the very “word” alone. The reading, writing, listening to, hearing of it in a beautiful lyric of a song, talking about it, anything, anywhere, gives this in-explainable bliss. I’ve wondered, why is that? There are all kinds, many ways.. in love- Here especially with soul Love, regardless of the time/age/location/situations preconditioned in the mind. God! I think.. think.. I go on.. give it a thought.. more thoughts, which leads to 3 more thoughts, then an army of thoughts. All get jumbled up inside of my head, I pause. Then, take a deep breath in… let it out like in Yoga, a cleansing breath.. aaaah! Closed my eyes, to hear my lovely heart.. This is what she says -
“It isn’t the word gracing the ears, it isn’t the sight through the eyes. 
No, it isn’t the writing-reading-hearing-talking about it, but it is the very feeling attached to LOVE. 
How your soul resonates with your heart’s feelings which per…

The Magic of Dreams.. and beyond

Make a wish. Break a rule. Take a chance.

Dreams, oh dreams!! what is life without these dreams? Some sub-conscious, rest conscious ones. Both are incredible, to experience a dream is to taste a piece of heaven. Each one of us has dreamt/dream/will dream on, I am sorry for those who are so lost in the realm of everyday “routine” that they forget to have any awareness to it. Nevertheless, it always exists, even there are some researchers who have proved that pets, indeed all mammals who have a brain activity close to Humans, dream their dreams. Now I think, how about plants? Those macro/micro-organisms? Singled celled Amoeba?  I haven’t Googled, but I would continue to think, what I think :)

Oxford dictionary defines the noun as “A series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.” And as a verb “Contemplate the possibility of doing something or that something might be the case.” That summons, that all Goals, ambitions, targets, destinations, intentions…


Joy. Happiness. Contentment.
I have felt all these and am continuing to feel it in my heart, mind and soul. Of course, there are times, days, weeks, months and years in a row I haven’t even had the whiff of these, But so very very very delighted that my true awareness recognizes this in every walk of this shiny life. It is my best effort to come up with a list, as far as my consciousness can remember – the most joyous, blissful moments so far. This is just a tip of an ice berg, the rest will just follow like that savvy sway of an enchanting spring
With no particular order of any time-frame/intensity/volume/length-breadth/chronology, here it is
1.That morning sunshine, shining right into my little brown eyes as I opened the doors to the dawn – The Himalayas The sacredness at its peak: @Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh, Spring of 2015 -Realization of my childhood dream to become one to feel the #oneness: single entity in that space. I am so grateful of everything and everyone who lead me to it. -To hav…

As auspicious as it gets : Labyrinth Yoga -2

I run into this magnificent Grace Cathedral

Event has started

I am already feeling ecstatic for making it through the open doors. In the waiting area, I see Darren guiding the huge class with few 100s of people on their mats. A note “Gates will be reopened, after the meditation” I sigh out, Aaaaah! I see a bunch of late-comers, well, I am not the only one on IST in America, Aaaaah :)  Let’s all take a deep breath in and while we breath out, chant AUM, I just sit in the waiting area on the floor and AUM in synonym, Vibrations linger on, while I am still sitting with closed eyes, gates reopen, I go find a spot, looked around to find a restroom, wondering if there are restrooms in cathedrals? If yes, where? At the entrance or the opposite corner? I couldn’t find none. Yoga started – Started with Child’s pose. Deep breath In and Out, I had to put all my energy on breath and not to focus on my bladder :)  I did good.
I smile all throughout the class, Asanas – 1 after the other, Darren has suc…

As auspicious as it gets : Labyrinth Yoga -1

It is a little after noon, 12ish fiddling around with thoughts a few conscious ones, rest sub-conscious, browsing anything and everything to fill me up, While awaiting some news about work- brilliant idea strikes. It is the same thought with which I had jumped out of the bed in the morning – “Want to feel ALIVE, instead of just existing” I check a specific email from this very specific person, to get the details – Go through the website and bam, it is Tuesday! Yes! It is a weekly yoga event happens from 6.15-7.30 PM, I have been told and heard volumes about this class.  

"Oh-So-Perfect" - I tell myself, Thank the Universe, and plan (well, I am learning!) I have to leave early It is a drive 1.15 hr w/o traffic and w traffic would double the time and more.              Big City- San Francisco, have only been there once with a friend driving me to the airport to pick somebody up. Now it is in-front of me to go and explore. Wow, so excited.
Yet, some hesitation, should I? could I? m…